Our Father

(C) Glen B Powell 2007, 2019, 2021

This is a reflection on the Lord’s prayer. Feel free to use in worship.

Our Father – Video

Our Father – Lyrics

Our Father

Who loves us like a mother loves her newborn child

Our father in heaven

Your Kingdom

So unlike this petty world of would-be leaders and power-struggles

Your Kingdom come

Your will be done

On earth and in heaven       

And by me

Holy and Precious be your name

Feed us today our daily bread

But only if we are hungry 

And teach us what we should hunger for

Forgive us today our daily sins

In the same way we forgive others

And teach us to forgive                       

Even ourselves

Holy and Precious       Holy and Precious

Holy and Precious be your name

Lead us but not into temptation

For we spend too much time there of our own free will

And rescue us from the evils that we flirt with

Let us stop grabbing power and begin to use yours

Let us stop seeking glory and start giving you what’s yours

Let us stop building our kingdoms and join you in building yours 

Forever and forever

Will we ever catch a glimpse of just how long that is

Forever and forever                    

And right now

© Glen Powell             2007, 2019, 2021