Welcome to my music website.  I have been writing songs for over 30 years and this site provides a holding place.   

If you are looking for Mary’s Song (Magnificat), click here

Worship Songs Project

Thanks to all the great musicians and other creative people in my life.  Every poet is a thief.

In the Songs section of the site, each song has its own page with lyrics and, where they exist, music sheets, audio and video samples.  In the Gallery section, there are solo and band albums, other collections of songs, a video collection and some photos.

I have a growing collection of songs for use in collective worship. Some are finished and others are works in progress. Click here to have a look.

I would be rapt if anyone wanted to use these songs in churches or groups – but please let me know. I would love to hear how they go.

Glen B Powell (Sydney, Australia)

Home page photo (and cover of No Secret Message album) by CKP (1996).