Time to launch

Christmas 2019, my wife Ruth gave me the gift of a website for my songs. She has invested a huge amount of time, love and effort to give me a place to upload some of the songs that I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. She also dug into her secret archive and found a few artefacts – from beer coasters with lyrics on the back, to scraps of paper with scribbled chord charts.

I wrote a lot of songs on beer coasters. Most of them – like this one – never saw the light. Although I don’t mind the line “I’m not going to put my faith in wishful thinking”.

There’s a few different sections – and different categories of song. Audio files, lyric sheets, chord charts, some lead sheets and a few videos. Also a bunch of photos snapped along the way, either by us or by people in an audience.

In recent times, I’ve been writing songs for churches to use in collective worship. This is my current hobby – trying to write songs that can be sung by congregations, experimenting with different genres and exploring themes which are less common in the Church. Some of these are ‘works in progress’ and will evolve and be updated over time.

There are songs that were performed by the band I spent more than a decade in with my siblings. Other songs have only ever been performed live, or are from the solo album I did in the 1990s. (There are also songs in Ruth’s archive that should never have been written and never made it as far as a performance.)

The site will grow over time. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to drop me a line with comments, questions, or requests.